Tenith Adithyaa M

Tenith Adithyaa M

Inventor and Innovation Scholar

CEO, Tenith Innovations
Founder, Altruu Social Network
Founder, Lets Innovate Youth Movement
President, International Science Federation
Chairman, Altruu Innovation Centre












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Motivational speaker

A teenage scientist, researcher, serial innovator, software developer, motivational speaker, science campaigner, professional coin collector, Guinness world record holder and a teacher at the age of 20 has 19 inventions.

Inventor of the Banana Leaf Technology, Adithyaa is a Global Youth Ambassador of science and the first Innovation Scholar of India. As the founder of "Lets Innovate youth" campaign, he has motivated & interacted with more than 89,000 students worldwide. He has also bagged 1 Guinness World Record, 2 Guinness World Record attempts, 17 international awards, 10 national awards and 10 state awards for his scientific contributions and social services.

Starting his scientific journey at 2nd grade, Adithyaa spends most of his time in his lab to come up with various solutions and innovations that could help society at large. Unlike a regular kid of his age group, who would be busy finishing up his homework on time so he could get one extra hour of play time, he stays awake till 3 am experimenting in his lab. While lying on the hospital bed, he told his parents, ‘Science needs sacrifice’, which frightened his parents so much that they never allowed him to work with chemicals thereafter. But, truly dedicated to his passion towards science, he continued his research.

With The President of India
@Rashtrapati Bhavan
During the official stay in
the President House

International Youth Creative
Awardee with Prince of
Bahrain @ Bahrain

Global Science Fair
Gold Medalist

With Former
President of India
Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Awarded as
Innovation Scholar
Government of India

Young Inventor

Guinness World
Record Holder in The
Field of Computer

Contribution Award

CEO of tenith innovations

Tenith Innovations Private Limited

Just Solving Global Problems…

Tenith Innovations

Tenith Innovations is a global technological and scientific research company, with its prime focus on delivering breakthrough innovations. We have a strong reputation for developing new products in key areas of R&D, Technology and Education. We, at Tenith Innovations always re-innovate ourselves for improvement in accordance to the new technologies for serving our society efficiently.

Corporate Identity Number: U73100TN2017OPC114955

Founder of Altruu Social Network


The Social Network of Humanity


The global track-free social network and discovery engine to discover, connect and contribute to what matters to us,
providing next generation versatility with centralized information security to users

Imagine a Social Network !

Altruu is the world’s first versatile social network that allows connection with what we love. We provide solution to fake news, control spreading of misleading information and shred the digital footprint of users assuring them the basic human right, our privacy. Our Social Network’s core vision is to become the largest centralized collection of human knowledge where all world knowledge is pooled for the greater good of humankind. Altruu's short-term objective is to redefine the way of information networking and to emerge as a young billion dollar enterprise with zebra landscape.

The Centralized Collection of
Human Knowledge

The centralized global platform to discover, connect and contribute
the human knowledge pool

Inventor of Banana Leaf Technology


The cellular technology that could save millions of trees & climate change

Banana Leaf Technology

A novel eco-friendly technology to keep leaves green for 1 year
without any chemicals to replace plastic

Naturally, leaves degrade within a shell lifespan of three days and is discarded as waste. Banana Leaf Technology is a novel eco-friendly technology that preserves leaves for a year without the use of any chemicals. This technology enhances the leaves' physical properties thus making a viable biodegradable alternative to both plastic and paper.

Increased in their durability, stretch-ability and crushability, preserved leaves can resist extreme temperatures and hold more weight than their original nature. The preservation capability of leaves with natural green color is for a period of up to one year and the shell lifespan is extended to three years without it's natural color.

The technology strengthens cell walls of leaves and prevents pathogenic agents from destroying cells. These processed leaves are biodegradable and completely eco-friendly. The processed leaves could replace plastic and papers as an alternative material for making plates, containers and other products.

Chairman of Altruu Innovation Centre

Altruu Innovation Centre

A social subsidiary of Altruu Social Network

Altruu Innovation Centre

Altruu Innovation Centres (AICs) are Innovation hubs of the Altruu Social Network that serve as a platform that facilitates creative ecosystem to foster innovation and entrepreneurship around the world, enabling growth of next generation's technological and social advancements.


Altruu Skills Accelerator

Altruu Research Accelerator

Altruu Force Accelerator

Creator of Blue Whale Awareness App

BWhale Aware

The world’s first awareness mobile tool to combat suicidal games

BWhale Aware

BWhale Aware (Blue Whale Awareness), is an awareness tool that enables you to walk through the complete information about suicidal games such as blue whale challenge, cyber safety, mental health and parenting.

This app acts as a complete guide for someone to combat stress, depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts and also empowers parents to protect their kid at the right time. BWhale Aware App also features integrated helplines in single click access to international crisis centre and hotlines, direct SOS email system and emergency services around the globe.

One of the most innovative parts of this tool is the overall self-assessment report. The future of suicide prevention and stopping such suicidal games is when everyone is empowered with the necessary knowledge and when the youngsters are aware about the digital age traps.

Motivational Speaker

Tenith is traveling an inspirational path for more than a decade as a motivational speaker. His words have been reflected in more than hundreds of stages and summits across the globe. His passion to ignite youth keeps the journey fueled.

Olympic voice as an 18-year-old teen

Voice For the Olympic

Letter to the PM & Offer to Indian Olympians

An open letter to the Prime Minister talking about the crucial steps that can help improve the condition of sports in India, and how he wants to contribute.

Founder of Lets innovate Youth Movement

Lets innovate youth

The social innovation movement

Lets Innovate Youth

Lets Innovate Youth movement is a social innovation movement aimed to empower youth with innovation and creative education. Founded as a technological awareness campaign in 2009, it has organised workshops and brainstorming camps across the rural parts of the country covering more than 12 states in the first year.

In addition to the technology, the creative education and innovation were on board when the campaign became a social movement. Partnership with various institutes and organisations, helped the movement to cover more than hundred sites that resulted in a nationwide impact. In 2013, lets innovate youth has become a global movement.

The mission of the movement is to empower creative youth for the betterment of our planet and humanity.

Since its reach in global arena, Lets innovate youth movement resulted in 22 new innovations, 178 workshops and camps, 78 awards received by mentored students, has covered 24 countries and 89,000 youth worldwide.

Award Ceremony – State Science Fair
Computer Awareness – Government High school (Reached 1200 Students)
Science Campaigner
Lets Innovate Youth - Campaign Distric level
International Level Workshop

Creator of Autogenous Deep Intelligence

Autogenous Deep Intelligence

The artificial intelligence system capable of determining entire decision within itself


Modern Artificial Intelligence systems are depend upon the pre-programmed values of humans. Time to time the values of the Artificial Intelligence has to be given by humans for the performance. This makes the efficiency of the Artificial Intelligence weak and makes the output limited to human imagination.

Built on a performance called adaptive deep autogenesis, Autogenous Deep Intelligence, improves its efficiency over time and neural complexity. This removes a significant amount of human input, and opens the door to AI learning better than ever.

For now, ADI capacity is limited to power complex games like fighting games. It has current applications in education field where it can automate most of the tasks that eliminates the need of humans. This development not only gives users a wider range of functionality, But also cuts back on high computational costs. In the future, it has limitless applications in medical and defence fields.

International Jury

Tenith acts as an international jury in the field scientific research and technological inventions at esteemed platforms and organisations. His independence and reputation in the field of scientific innovations makes the presence remarkable both nationally and internationally. Occasionally, he serves as academic consultant in environmental and sustainability education.

International Jury International Engineering Fair - Malaysia

President of International Science Federation

International Science Federation

The global organization of innovators and change makers


The International Science Federation (INSCIF) is a global non-profit, non-governmental organization aiming to serve the greater good of humanity by means of science and innovation. The mission of INSCIF is to enable breakthrough towards sustainable and inclusive future for all the humankind.

Today, more than ever, there is an imperative for us as the world body for innovation to amplify the voices of those innovators and change makers who are bringing a new perspective to some of our planet’s biggest social and environmental challenges. We are visioned, determined and committed to work for both the planet and the people where our essence of existence brings impact on solving some of humanity’s biggest challenges.

We provide the platform that supports social and scientific development in an unparalleled ways. The partnership with organizations, inventor associations, foundations, universities, corporations, companies, and research centers allows our mission get empowered internationally.

INSCIF is aligning its work towards improving the global quality of life, as impetus for thousands of innovators we represent together, together to act as a catalyst to positive change.

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"For those who live with science,
Space is not even the limit"

- Tenith Adithyaa M

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